A world in which humans and non-humans exist harmoniously.


Animal ethic is a multi-faceted, comprehensive set of principles which lend themselves to understanding animal/human issues through knowledge, reasoning and by acting for the moral good. 


There exists across the state of New Jersey, a vast number of citizens who recognize that there are differences between human and non-human animals but that the differences are of degree, not of kind. They hold that all sentient beings have intrinsic value and possess complex systems of awareness, therefore, should be treated with deference. As a result, they share a desire to extend a compassionate hand beyond humankind to the animal kingdom in ways which reflect a progressive, humane society.

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 Canada Geese New Jersey

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The CANADA GEESE NEW JERSEY web site is designed to provide the citizens of New Jersey access to pertinent information as it relates to the state's Canada geese population. The information is meant to promote understanding, encourage respect and inspire appreciation for the geese. Equally important is raising awareness for the purpose of putting an end to cruel, inhumane and unnecessary lethal Management control practices.

Injured raptor
Rescued Racoon
Baby squirrel
Broken wing
Discarded fishing line and hooks are taking a sad toll on our waterfowl. Click here for more information and how you can help.
Click here for Special  Report on how communities are working to keep Geese and Peace
Need help for injured or sick wildlife?

Click here to find a wildlife rehabilitator in New Jerey

Garden Sate Wildlife Rehabilitators Council and Cooperative
Do you want stronger laws to protect animals in New Jersey?

Click here to find out about

The League of Humane Voters
 New jersey can be a better place for animals.

Click here to visit the

 Animal Protection League of NJ 

Acts of cruelty and criminality are taking a horrible toll on our wildlife. Please join the efforts to eliminate these inhumane acts and help us to save our precious and important species like the Mute Swan.
This link goes to a very disturbing photo and personal accounting that underlines the immorality of the suffering of these species.

Photo of injured swan.

Check out more support for Canada Geese at
The Animal Protection League of New Jersey Responds to New Jersey Farmers and Hunters calling for elimination of South Jersey Canada Geese.
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After you've read the above alert, click here to see the Animal Protection League of New Jersey's Call for Action.
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New Effort to stop the killing of New Jersey Swans
Click here to sign the petition on Change.Org
Click here for news of Geese and Swan activity in New York State and City
Save these Swans
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New Petition to stop selling Canada Goose-Coyote fur-trimmed coats. CLICK HERE!
After five years and over 5,000 Canada geese killed in NYC parks, roundup in a NYC park . Fifty geese were sent to slaughter June 27th.  USDA arrived before 5:00:AM.
Click here for VIDEO!
The surviving gosling from four eggs.
Its a monumental  struggle to survive natural predators. Not to mention humans who want them eradicated.