The Animal Protection League of New Jersey's call for help to block another effort to kill Canada Geese





A recap: Our March 18 alert on Canada geese featured both a negative article (South Jersey, Philadelphia Inquirer) and APLNJ's published response.


In "Canada geese take a bite out of farm profits."  farm bureaus and a farmer who is a member of the New Jersey Fish and Game Council called the birds "vermin," "dirty," and "nuisances," and called for both more killing and "funding. "


The Inquirer published APLNJ's response, No refuge in N.J. for Canada geese. Please use this link for background information, if desired.


Now, it's time to take action.


Hunting and farming interests who created so-called resident Canada geese and encourage farmers to attract the birds to agricultural areas for fee hunting are now lobbying Congress to increase hunting, and to provide "funding to develop strategies to reduce the population." On the latter, read funding for USDA's deadly and notorious Wildlife Services.


The Inquirer reporter listed Wildlife Services as the "contact" for more information for dealing with geese. For geese, that's a death sentence.


The title of the Sacramento Bee's investigative report, "The killing agency: Wildlife Services' brutal methods leave a trail of animal death," says it all. Read more here .


Please contact your representative and senator. The Canada goose has powerful and vocal detractors. And plenty of human friends. If we don't make the calls and send the emails, no one else will.





Susan Russell, Wildlife Policy Director



ACTION: PLEASE CONTACT YOUR FEDERAL CONGRESSMAN AND TWO SENATORS. (See list of legislators below sample letter.)


Phone Talking Points


(Copy, personalize the beginning, or write your own.)


Dear Congressman or Senator (please specify):


The New Jersey Congressional delegation should strongly reject efforts by narrow interests to increase the killing of migratory and resident Canada geese in South Jersey and to publicly fund USDA Wildlife Services - an agency widely charged with indiscriminate, inhumane, illegal, and wasteful killing - for goose killing operations or "strategies."


Embroiled in controversy and investigations, Wildlife Services clearly should not receive public funding, nor be permitted to kill any birds in New Jersey. We ask that you pursue every available avenue to prevent this rogue agency from killing birds and other animals in New Jersey. A systemic change toward non-lethal alternatives is demanded nationwide.


Furthermore, the same sources calling for funding and more killing are responsible for both creating resident geese and deliberately attracting geese to agricultural areas for "fee hunting."


The Sacramento Bee reports that Wildlife Services "officially revealed little or no detail about where the creatures were killed, or why. But a Bee investigation has found the agency's practices to be indiscriminate, at odds with science, inhumane, and sometimes illegal."


As reported in the Los Angeles Times: "The USDA Inspector General will investigate Wildlife Services after accusations of reckless predator control, abuse of animals, and failure to account for costs." (Jan. 4, 2014.) The New York Times has editorialized against Wildlife Services (2014).


Under these circumstances, any effort to obtain public funding for yet more indiscriminate and cruel killing -- by Wildlife Services or others -- of geese in New Jersey is not only astonishing; it is offensive.


Paid by public and private kill contracts, the USDA's Wildlife Services has a strong financial incentive to maximize supposed threats caused by wildlife and makes a profit by gassing geese in carbon dioxide chambers in the Northeast and elsewhere.


In South Jersey, USDA's Resource Conservation and Development Council suggests that farmers plant "70-90" acres of grain and providing "10-30 acres of wetland" in order to charge hunters "$100-$200 per person per day."


Instead of killing more geese, the programs, which affect neighboring farms, should be halted immediately.


"Waterfowl Production Areas" at national wildlife refuges in South Jersey farm ducks and geese for annual hunting, increasing the number of geese near agricultural areas. Geese leave refuges, where they are hunted, only to arrive at parks, golf courses, or farms where they are not wanted - and are often killed as pests.


Instead of killing more geese, national refuges in South Jersey should honor their original purpose, prohibit bird hunting, and cease the annual "production" of waterfowl for the gun.


Federal rules make it easier to kill geese or destroy their eggs and nests at parks, golf courses, airports, and farms. Farmers already obtain free permits to do all of the above on their properties. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services gases geese throughout the Northeast.


Canada geese are already overhunted in the Garden State. In addition to regular, migratory, and resident goose-hunting seasons, "special" September seasons for resident geese allow unplugged shotguns, electronic calls, shooting after dark, and 15-geese-per-day kill limits. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services gases geese throughout the Northeast.


I would appreciate your response on this important humane matter.






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Senator Robert Menendez


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