Canada Geese New Jersey 



Canada Goose Killers


Formerly - Animal Damage Control (ADC)


On December 19, 1985, Congress amended the appropriation bill for FY 1986 to transfer the Animal Damage Control program from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. On March 1, 1986, this transfer officially took place. On August 1, 1997, the name of the ADC program was changed to Wildlife Services (WS)  

Each year, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issues a Depredation Permit to New Jersey Wildlife Services, which authorizes Wildlife Services to “take” (kill) X number of geese within the state in response to “nuisance” complaints. When contacted by those experiencing human/goose conflicts, but unwilling to act in a humane, compassionate manner, Wildlife Services seizes the opportunity to enter into a Cooperators Agreement Contract, which generates much needed revenue for the agency. Consequently, over the past decade, thousands of New Jersey’s resident Canada geese have been rounded up and trucked off to slaughter houses or suffocated in portable carbon dioxide (CO˛) gas chambers mounted on the back of pick up trucks.






Warning – Although no dead geese appear in this video, the content is disturbing.



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