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Waterfowl management activities frequently are based on the delineation of populations that are the target of management. Some goose populations are delineated according to where they winter, whereas others are delineated based on the location of their breeding grounds. For management purposes, populations can comprise one or more species of geese.

Canada geese (Branta canadensis) nesting within the conterminous United States are considered subspecies or hybrids of the various subspecies originating in captivity and artificially introduced into numerous areas throughout the conterminous United States. Canada geese are highly philopatric to natal areas, and no evidence presently exists documenting breeding between Canada geese nesting within the conterminous United States and those subspecies nesting in northern Canada and Alaska. Canada geese nesting within the conterminous United States in the months of March, April, May, or June, or residing within the conterminous United States in the months of April, May, June, July, and August are collectively referred to as "resident" Canada geese.

The recognized subspecies of Canada geese are distributed throughout the northern temperate and sub-artic regions of North America. Historically, breeding Canada geese are believed to have been restricted to areas north of 35 degrees and south of about 70 degrees latitude. Today, in the conterminous United States, Canada geese can be found nesting in every State, primarily due to translocations and introductions since the 1940ís.

The majority of Canada geese still nest in localized aggregations throughout Canada and Alaska and migrate annually to the conterminous United States to winter, with a few reaching as far south as northern Mexico. However, the distribution of Canada geese has expanded southward and numbers have increased appreciably throughout the southern portions of the range during the past several decades.

In the Atlantic Flyway, the "resident" population of Canada geese nests from Southern Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada southward throughout the States of the Atlantic Flyway.



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