"This is a swan we rescued tonight . People are getting away with all kinds of cruel acts towards these swans. The police were called by some residents. The police in turn called the dept of natural resources, who told them to shoot the swan. The police said there was no way in hell they were going to shoot her, and they told the residents to find someone to come and get her . Luckily, we had been there before and they called us. She's in real bad shape. Her entire head was covered in dried blood when my friends got there. I was unable to go because I had just returned from a vets office with a mama goose, whose mate was shot and killed and she was shot in the wing. Unfortunately, the swan we took there that we had been taken care of for over a week, had to be put down. He was hit by a boat and left to suffer and drown in the lake. He was unable to move his legs and showed no sign of improvement. X-ray showed problems with his back.  Another very sad day." 


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