N.J. Town tries Humane Approach – Goose Tracks – The Humane Society of the United States – Winter 2008, Volume 6, Issue 1




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Living with Canada Geese by Sue Russell for Friends of Animals


“They call it community-based management. New Jersey, with the most dense human population of any state in the nation, operates a de facto laboratory for wildlife eradication programs. Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Fish and Wildlife Service, Canada geese and mallard ducks deemed nuisances are shot, rounded-up and trucked to slaughter or gassed under cooperative agreements among local, state, and federal authorities.”





Wild is a Beautiful Word by Susan Russell   


FERTILIZED, manicured lawns near water lure Canada Geese. These landscapes are not indigenous to the Northeast and mimic nesting conditions further north. The weed-whacked, fertilized, chemically treated ideal sought by many waterfront property owners is responsible for attracting geese. (Canada Goose)

Ecologically, these are degraded landscapes. With the help of a qualified landscaper, they can be modified. And the geese will move on.

Health fears are misplaced. The country's foremost federal researchers have stated unequivocally that geese are not a health threat. However, an epidemic of fear and loathing of native wildlife—everything from neighbors' bird feeders to a Raccoon that dares set foot on "private property" — appears ascendant. How sad.

Wild is a beautiful word. For the many of us who thrill to the sights and sounds and freedom of visiting geese, Raccoons, songbirds and deer, life is so much richer. The geese can fly away. The small-minded are left only with themselves. And their "private property."



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