The following suggestions are provided for those willing to spearhead a Canada geese grass roots campaign in an effort to prevent lethal round ups from occurring in their community.





                    1.  Make up flyers for distribution. (Do not place in mail boxes

                          unless stamped.)

                    2.  Create a phone tree.  Call five like-minded residents and request

                                they each call five more residents – and so on.






                 We the undersigned strongly oppose the lethal management of Canada

                 geese and call upon the (Twin Lakes Counsel Members) to abandon any

                 round up plan that results in the death of the geese and/or their progeny.


                Killing programs have proven ineffective and counterproductive when a

                void is created for other geese to fill, whereas, a well designed, non-lethal

                goose abatement program, carried out in all sincerity and with humane

                intentions, will resolve any human-goose conflicts (Twin Lakes) is



If physically circulating a petition is not possible, consider starting an “online” petition at:    When completed, e-mail the petition’s web site address to every like-minded person you know, requesting they sign and forward it to every like-minded person they know. Only through continual forwarding will the e-mail petition gather a substantial number of signatures. Once a substantial number of signatures are gathered, send petition web site address to all local newspapers.  The petition information will add additional interest to articles written about the round up.  Print out the petition and present to those who decided to have a round up conducted.                




                          1. Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese



                          2. Canada Geese New Jersey



                          3. Humane Society of the United States



                          4. GeesePeace



                         5. OvoControl











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