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2008 Depredation (killing) Permits 


Listed below are the names of New Jersey municipalities and counties that have been issued 2008 Depredation (killing) Permits. Issued by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Depredation Permits authorize the permittee to kill X number of Canada geese. More names will be added to the list as they become available. Free copies of these Depredation Permits are available upon request by contacting Canada Geese New Jersey at:   

Morris County Park Commission
Permit  # MB737152-0
Effective: 03/01/2008
Expiration: 02/28/2009
Authorized to kill up to 750 Canada geese

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Middlesex County Dept. of Parks & Recreation
Permit #MB038934-0
Effective: 03/18/2008
Expiration: 02/28/2009
Authorized to kill up to 250 Canada geese

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